Best Shade Trees to Plant in Your Backyard

DogwoodWhen you visit urban foresters, many will recommend to you trees that bring life to your backyard. Shade trees can beautify your yard, improve air and water quality and reduce energy costs. Majority of these trees have a lot of seasonal benefits. Just the way you can choose Best Limo Woodbridge when touring urban gardens, same applies to choosing shade trees- you have to make an informed decision. Choose a shade tree that is best suited for your climate type and site. That way, you can plant the tree properly and watch it grow into a valuable member of your backyard.

When you are considering trees for your yard, you will probably visualize either going for a flowering tree or a tall green one. Besides these two factors, consider the amount of space you have, as you would not want your trees to overgrow the space. Also, ask yourself if you would like to go by long-lasting trees or just the fast-growing ones. Once you have considered these parameters, it time to go by the trees and here are some good ones.


Dogwood is a flowering tree with a slow to moderate growth rate. This tree is our all-time favorite because it fulfills a lot of requirements. It thrives well throughout the year and requires only partial sun. It can grow in most soil types provided the soil is kept with slight moisture. On hot and dry days, you will need to spread mulch around the base of the tree. Dogwood is among the most decorated trees you can go for in your backyard. It is plentiful in different colors at different seasons, making it a delight to the eyes.

Eastern Redbud

Eastern RedbudThe Eastern Redbud is a small tree that grows to 20-30 feet at maturity. It has a short trunk and dramatically blossoms all year round. The tree is characterized by a medium growth rate and thrives so well in direct and partial sunlight. The Eastern Redbud is a flowering tree with purple-pink blossoms. It is the ideal tree to add a burst of color to your front yard. The tree is a big attraction to a wide variety of birds and butterflies. You can make your yard to be more appealing by adding a water pod for the birds, just under the tree.

Hybrid Poplar

The Hybrid Poplar is one of the most recommended and shade trees. The tree can grow up to 8 feet per year and about 40′ to 50′ high upon maturity.  There are different types of hybrid poplars to choose from, but one of the best you can go for is the Populus Deltoides. It is cotton less hybrid and a little bit messy for your yard, as compared to other varieties.

Sugar Maple

The sugar maple can live a long and healthy life across different climates. If you have a big yard, the sugar maple is the tree to go for. At maturity, the tree grows to a height of 60 feet. It has a delicious, practical value especially if you would like to make your own maple syrup. During fall, the tree has beautiful leaves that turn bright yellow, red and orange.

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