Five Tips on How to Get Involved in the Political Process to Influence Environmental Decisions

Hand holding eco light bulb on blue skyBeing politically involved is of great importance to know how officials sitting in both national and local government take steps to fulfill all responsibilities endowed with them. The problem is, politics doesn’t interest a lot of people, thus making them oblivious to the opinions and measures of incumbent government officials towards big political issues such as climate change, saving the environment and pollution.

Fortunately, there are still some people who find themselves quite accountable for the decisions that politicians might come up with. They therefore don’t like lounging, waiting and trusting everything with the government to magically solve all the issues. And if you are one of those concerned citizens who has the strong urge to get yourself involved in resolving huge political issues like the aforementioned ones above, here are some tips for you to start making significant impacts on the world of politics.

1. Write to the incumbent representatives.

Let the current officials in your city, state or federal government hear what you want to say. Write them letters expressing your interest in politics and your opinions towards distinct political issues that must be straightened out. Not everyone would want to spend their time on writing mails just to put their thoughts into words. Therefore, you should get prepared to be surprised at receiving heartwarming responses from officials you’ve addressed in your letters.

Even though sending them your opinions in letters is such a great method of communicating with them, you could try asking some friends and coworkers if they’re relatives with anyone close to any public servants you want to personally speak your mind with. Another smart way to grant yourself the leeway to speak up your political concerns to certain officials is to attend press conferences.

2. Know everything about the candidates in the upcoming election.

In order to know who among the running candidates you should give your votes, it’s very important to make yourself familiar with them. You could try researching about their political history, their political views, the bills they have proposed, their bills that have been passed, and everything that affects their overall reputation both as a citizen and a politician.

3. Vote those candidates with whom you share the same point of view.

Vote buttonsUpon understanding their personal and political lives, it’s time for you to pick the ones you should entrust your votes to. Make sure that the candidates you will be voting are the ones you share the same opinions with. Don’t let your colleagues or people in your social circle affect your criteria for voting. Just because they want to vote certain candidates doesn’t mean you should vote them as well. Remember that you’ve done your homework to research about them, and you should therefore respect your efforts by voting the ones you think that should be in the office.

4. Be part of the campaign teams of your preferred running officials.

If you want some self-assurance to get your favored candidates elected at the end of the day, you could participate in campaign teams supporting and advocating your preferred running officials and their platforms. Being part of such teams doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to take some cash out of your wallet. Your time is more than enough for the candidates you support. The best thing about joining campaigns is that it allows you to be acquainted with people with whom you similar viewpoint. Being on the side of your favored candidates means you all understand what’s on each other’s mind.

5. Think about running for political positions.

For you to be a politician, it will take a lot of time and effort. And when you become one, it will surely take a lot of time of you as well. Being a politician is not like reading a book that you can leave anytime you want; it is a job that comes with great responsibilities and consequences. However, if you’ve thoroughly decided on devoting yourself to public service to make your voice be heard much broader, there’s no one stopping you from running for any political position you want. Just keep in mind to fulfill your duties by carrying out proper measures.


Politics is such a slow-pacing theme. That’s perhaps one of the reasons why many people don’t want to get involved in the political process to affect decisions concerning different topics being discussed throughout the world. They probably speak up their political stance to their loved ones and social networking sites, but lack interest in stating it directly to politicians with whom their viewpoint must be really shared. On the other hand, through the tips listed down above, we can assume that you’ve now started to consider making your moves for them to hear your voice.

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