Eco Friendly Lawn Care Tips

Electric Battery Lawn Mower on Front YardThere are some lawn care tasks that can lead to polluting the environment. You should be careful of tools and the way you maintain your lawn. Many home owners have lawns. This makes it necessary for you to look for ways of conserving the environment when trying to care for the lawn. The little efforts you will put in place others will learn from you and at the end you will have contributed greatly towards conserving the environment. The grass will require to be cut to a certain level, you will need to irrigate the grass during hot seasons among other activities will contribute towards making the world a better place to live or otherwise.

Eco Friendly Lawn Tips

  1. Avoid using a gas mower

A gas mower will lead to emitting carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. This will lead to global warming. You may consider the engine size of your mower very small, but what about when one million people will use their gas mowers. You should replace your gas mower with an electric one in case you will like to reduce carbon emissions. There are many brands of mowers that use electricity. It is upon you to take your time and choose one that will meet your specific needs well.

  1. Use natural fertilizer

Wooden Compost Bin : openNatural fertilisers are the best for you to use. As a way of trying to conserve the environment, you should make natural manure at home and apply on your lawn. Inorganic fertilisers will contain a lot of chemicals which will end up in water bodies hence leading to the destruction of chemical components of the water. You will also save money on your lawn care when making use of natural fertilizers.

  1. Natural Pesticides

You can use natural pesticides to get rid of pests from your lawn. Instead of buying pesticides that have a lot of chemicals, try to come up with homemade pesticides that consist of natural ingredients that will not pose risk of environmental pollution to your lawn.

  1. Leave grass clippings on the lawn

After cutting grass you should let the clippings stay in place. This is necessary because the clippings will dry hence act as mulch which will conserve water. The clipping will also rot and act as manure for your lawn grass.

  1. Water your lawn economically

During dry seasons you will have to irrigate the lawn. For you to avoid wasting a lot of water, you should water at least one inch of your lawn per week. To avoid wasting a lot of water to evaporation during the day, you should water in the early morning. You should also avoid mowing the lawn too short because it can accelerate evaporation.

  1. Use Rainwater Irrigation

To avoid straining the natural water resources, you can save water by trapping rain water in your home and use it in irrigating the lawn. This will require you to have a water reservoir in place where you will collect the rain water during rainy season. The rain water can be directed through gravity from the reservoir to water your lawn hence saving on power too.

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