Litter And Its Effects On The Environment

dirty beaches in thaiLitter is one of the greatest environmental menaces that have refused to go away especially in the 21st century. It is amazing that 90% of people in the world identify litter as huge environmental issue and yet they still litter. Not only does carelessly discarded garbage affect each member of society, but it also causes harm to animals and plants, cost us money and destroys our waterways. It also goes to suggest that man is the most irresponsible creature on the face of the earth, because we don’t take good care of the environment.

Why do we litter?

Experience and research show that litter is greatly as a result of personal behavior – being careless while handling waste or simply just choosing to litter. And once litter finds its way onto the ground, it ends up attracting more and more of it.

Common sources of litter

The most common sources of litter include the following;

  1. Pedestrians discarding garbage in roadways and streets
  2. Motorists dropping garbage out of motor vehicles through the windows
  3. Uncontrolled building waste in construction projects
  4. Poorly disposed commercial refuse
  5. Housed loads that are easily blown by wind out trucks
  6. People at leisure
  7. Entertainment events that result in huge amounts of litter that overflow onto surrounding areas
  8. Habitual or intentional littering, for reasons like acts of rebellions or just mere laziness

Effects of litter

Litter comes with a wide range of negative effects for everyone in the society. Litter discarded in parks and streets can find its way into creeks and rivers through storm water systems. Once there, it causes devastating problems especially to the aquatic life of fish, plants, among other organisms.

Like other problems in life, litter also costs us money; and a lot in this case. Governments as well as environmental agencies have to use lots of financial resources to completely remove accumulated litter on streets or in water bodies too.

No littering vector signLitter is also a huge threat to the general public health. Failure to properly trash litter can make it a good breeding site for bacteria that may cause serious infections. Items such as syringes and broken glass can be health hazard if dumped in public places. Careless discarded butts of cigarettes and accumulated litter also tend to be potential fire hazards.

Litter portrays a negative image of the communities that live where it is. This clearly sends out a message that the individuals in that community don’t care really about their surrounding and the environment as well.

Litter prevention

Luckily, every person has an important role to play in preventing and reducing litter. We all long to make the world a better place for everyone including the future generations. This ought to be the greatest driving force for everyone, if we are to really have a litter-free earth. It starts with changing your own individual behaviors such as fighting self-laziness. By doing so, you’ll be doing the environment and everyone a favor because you will sober up and avoid dumping garbage careless.

Encourage and teach others the importance of having a clean environment and the results that litter causes. If they prove a hard nut to crack, don’t give up too quickly. Also, don’t find it hard to pick up trash that other people discard careless. Putting it in the right place isn’t going to harm you in any way.

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